VentureClout is a multi-sided platform to help aspiring entrepreneurs and up-and-coming startups access the full potential of human capital and resources in their ecosystem. It does this by facilitating the discovery of and introductions to the talent needed that will lead to real-world relationships and collaboration.  


The types of user groups VentureClout connects – students, startups, services, and community support – reflect the structure of any thriving startup ecosystem. Any aspiring entrepreneur, scaling startup, established VC firm, or wall-to-wall service has the ability to work and collaborate together in forging the path to a successful venture.    


VentureClout streamlines and simplifies these often-intimidating and complicated first steps by seamlessly plugging you into an accessible, wide-ranging network. From potential partners to the sought-after talent and support… and from seasoned entrepreneurs to outsiders with untapped potential; our platform connects you with those you will need to launch a successful venture. 


All scaling startups are in a constant - and sometimes time-sensitive - demand of human capital. Here, a startup has access to an ocean of diverse talent on all sides of the game… including finally utilizing those diamond-in-the-rough outsiders to the startup community whom are often willing to work for experience alone. Essentially, the perfect fit for startups and for the eager hustler.